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Class Times + Details

Our classes are open on Monday – Friday Evening/ Nights for students of ages 2 and up!


Toddlers Just Move Class

Time: 5pm (2yrs) 


Times: 5:30-6pm (3-5yr) | 6pm (6-11 yrs) | 7pm (12 and up) | Adults (Monday 8pm)

In this class students will gain understanding of Breakin’s foundational movements–top rocks, drops, footwork, power moves, and freezes. Dancers will learn the essence and groove of the dance while developing strength and endurance to execute the more difficult powerful movements.

DJ Class

Times: 5:30-6pm (6 yrs old) | 6pm (7-up) | 7pm (7-up)

Where students first learn to feel the rhythm and count/match the beats. Then they learn to mix tracks using vinyl before getting into DJing computer programs. This builds that love of music and an understanding of different beats and tempos–which helps create a stronger foundation for mixing, blending, improvising, and producing all new sounds.


Freestyle Fundamentals/Hip Hop

Times: Fridays Only 5:45pm (6-11 yrs) | 6:45pm-8pm (12 yrs -up)

This is a highly recommended class. This class will challenge the dancer both physically and mentally as they gain knowledge and enhance their ability to understand dance from a natural state. Learn techniques and foundations to build on your own self expression. This class also teaches you how to break down movements and be with music. This will only improve your confidence and understanding of your body language. If you want rhythm, bounce, and the perspective of being an all-around dancer…this is the class. Freestyle Fundamentals/Hip Hop includes: warm- ups, conditioning, stretching, grooving, rockin’, drills, and freestyle. Please know–classes are not based on routines/choreography combinations.


Art Class

Times: Fridays Only (7-up) or 6:45 – 7:45pm (7-up)

Art Class is a vibrant, interactive experience where students draw all types of objects and learn a variety of creative techniques. 

Dress CODE

At Break Free Hip Hop School we believe that wearing studio uniforms give students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community. Student’s not dressed according to the dress code Will Not Be Permitted to Take Class. Please check the dress code(s) for your class(es)

Please ensure all parts of your child’s uniform are clearly labeled – individual shoes, socks, underpants…you’ll be amazed at the amount of lost property we generate!

Color Level Break Free T-Shirt and Gray Break Free Joggers. Girls must layer a form fitting tank top under a T-shirt. Dancer’s must wear tennis shoes.

Our Dress Code also: