Right now, you might be imagining headspins, flips, cardboard squares on the ground, and some old school movies from the 80s. However, the authentic, fundamental Breakin’ instruction found at Break Free Kansas City focuses on more than that; building a free-flowing, improvisational style through foundational moves, practice, training, and discipline. Our teachers show students how to bounce and rock to the beat, while giving them the strength, confidence and fundamental skills needed to truly dance to all music with a groove. The overall goals of our program are to develop students into amazing, creative dancers through the foundations of Breakin’ and to give them knowledge about the culture and history of Hip Hop. By participating in four seasonal recitals throughout the year, students also learn choreography and performance techniques, while strengthening their connections with one another as part of a crew.

DJing – AGES 6 & UP

The art form of mixing, scratching, and bringing the energy to a party and/or event – our students learn from authentic, highly-experienced DJs. They get hands-on during every class, training with vinyl on state-of-the-art turntables and mixers…all the way up to learning and using the popular DJing computer program called Serato. Students also learn about Hip Hop musical history, rhythm, beat making, producing–all with the ultimate goal of utilizing their love for music and tech to prepare them to DJ at events, shows, jams, competitions and parties.



In each of our programs, our students are assessed on a monthly basis with a progress report. Parents have a transparent look into where their child is within the program curriculum, and the students receive good feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement. Progress reports also help our teachers set goals, structure classes, and manage expectations.

We feature Parent Conferences as a part of our progress report system as well, which is a great way for Parents, Teachers, and Students to be on the same page and grow quickly in Breakin’ and/or DJing.


Our student body participates in 4 recitals throughout the year – 2 smaller “jams” where the students essentially throw their own Hip Hop party at Break Free Kansas City, and 2 bigger recitals where our Hip Hop School creates a unique stage production, each one held at a different Kansas City Metro location.