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Why choose Break Free Kansas City dance school?

We feel we are set apart from any dance school in Kansas City because of the expertise of our faculty and the heart of our mission. The Break Free team effectively mentors students to be creative, goal-oriented, and self-expressive individuals. We approach each opportunity to impact a person’s life with passion, positivity, and enthusiasm for innovation and improvisation. We encourage the growing connections between our student families.

How do I register my dancer for a free trial class?

You can also conveniently call us anytime at 913-747-8590 so we can schedule your free trial class. Prepare your dancer by following our dress code, arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your scheduled class for a quick tour, then it’s time to dance!

How long are the classes?

Most of the classes are 1 hour. Our Toddlers Two’s and Boom Baps classes are 30 minutes.

What are the ages you offer classes for?

We offer classes for dancers starting at age 2 to adults.

Do you have a dress code for your classes?

Yes, you can view the dress codes for each class

Do I have to be present while my child is in dance class?

We require a parent to remain at the studio for our toddler and mini aged students (2 to 6). It’s the parents discretion to remain at the studio for all other dancers.

What if my child misses a weekly class?

If a child misses a class and monthly tuition has been paid, the dancer is entitled to one make-up class per month for each registered class. A make-up class is any other class that we offer for their age and dance level. Make-up classes are your responsibility. Make up classes must be made up within the same month of the absence. If you elect not to make-up the missed class, it will not be credited to your next month’s tuition. There are no transfers, refunds, or credits. Our teachers highly recommend that dancers take advantage of the make-up classes to help them from falling behind in their dance training.

Do you require automatic withdrawal for tuition fees?

Yes, tuition will run automatically on the 1st of every month with the credit/ visa card on file. You can pay cash, or with a different card as long as you contact the front desk prior to the 1st of the month. We do not accept checks.

Our Facility

We take pride in our teachers and staff, because at Break Free we place a high value on who we allow to impact our dancers. Each of our instructors must be a skilled dancer. They are dancers that have devoted countless hours and years to their craft. They know the ins and outs of what they do. Secondly, they must know how to teach. There are many fantastic dancers that, unfortunately, cannot relay their expertise in a manner that allows students to learn from. We expect to see growth in our dancers, and therefore choose teachers that can work and cultivate our dancers. Lastly, and most importantly to us, each of our staff and teachers must be people of character and integrity. How someone carries themselves shows a lot about who they are. We expect nothing less from our allstar faculty!

CUSTOMER Testimonials

New to Kansas City I stumbled across this school while looking for ballet classes. The first class my daughter came home with 3 tricks and I could tell she got a great workout and was being challenged! It's been almost two months and she is constantly learning new moves and being challenged. After 6 weeks I was amazed at her skills and looking forward to what is coming next!! The instructors and staff are all very professional and this school is definitely a community!! The students have all been very welcoming to my child and we have felt welcome from the first day! This is definitely a great opportunity and fun, fun, fun!!! A++++++ I definitely recommend it!!!!

- Shanan Gabbard

Break Free is a wonderful place for kids to learn how to break. Our son loves it and can't wait for the next class. I have also begun noticing how his foot work has been helping on the soccer field as well. SugEasy is a wonderful instructor and has a big heart for everyone!

- Phil Bennett

My son absolutely loves the BreakFree concept and the teachers. He is in the car ready, before we ask, to head to class twice a week. It had also helped his confidence. We would suggest this to anyone who has kids that love to dance!

- Matt Schuetz

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Break Free KC is truly a gem. Sug is so good with these kids in a way that is truly special. I enrolled our son in break dance and DJ classes to give him a fun, different activity outside of sports. I never expected to see my normally shy child jumping at the opportunity to show off his new skills while surrounded by a group of his peers and yet, by the first winter recital, only a couple months in, that’s exactly what I saw. They teach confidence, support for each other, RESPECT and hard work that carries over to other aspects of my son’s life. I love that he’s learning about the history and culture of hip hop, something he likely wouldn’t be exposed to growing up in the ‘burbs. It’s such a wonderful community! Added bonus: I get to relive my childhood watching him dance to music I grew up on and he now has an excellent party trick to bring out at weddings 🙂

- Jennifer Robertson

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value My daughters have been dancing for many years, but Break Free Hip Hop School is different! The classes allow my girls to express themselves in their own unique way! It showcases their strengths and allows them to recognize the strengths of those they are in class with ❤️

- Melissa Tinklepaugh